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linelinelineline is an online poetry journal devoted to the New American Epigram.

We publish poems that are four lines long: no more, no less. In this respect, the New American Epigram differs from traditional epigrams, which are usually no more than two lines, often consisting of a rhymed couplet.

We're currently looking for sequences of epigrams for our inaugural issue and submissions for our electronic chapbook series.

We prefer sequences/crowns/chapbooks
of four-line epigrams that meditate on a single theme. We like the funny, the juvenile, and the exclamatory! New Sincerity A+. Also anything where high-brow and low-brow make sweet, sweet nudity. Political, pop-cultural & poetic commentary appreciated. Landscape page orientation is pretty nifty too.

View samples & submit online at http://www.linelinelineline.com/


Do you mean New Sincerity in the Walt Whitman kind of way or the David Sedaris kind of way? (I guess Whitman would be "old sincerity.")
ha. I guess I mean a bastard child of the two.
Sedaris' funny + Whitman's sincerity


I still like greecelightning.com better but I sent some terrible epigrams your way.