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I'm off to AWP tomorrow!

will I see any of you there?

ohmygod I can taste the bookfair from here...


yes! lunch?
Yes, mos def!

Oh, and if you haven't already left and have room in your suitcase could you bring my little brown jacket. :P

See you soon!
I can taste the bookfair from here...

tastes like...paste.
yes, yes, YES! and, as you know, i'm alreddy heh-yah.
i'm heading over tomorrow to pick up stuff and also will try to be at the bookslut reading tomorrow nite. *wheeee*
I'm so freakin' jealous. My fav professor (Joseph Lease) will be there at a book signing. His book is awesome. You should look at it. I'll be here, in awesome Nebraska, hosting poetry crap for kids.